Tackle garden pests the natural way

Pests like aphids, red spider mite and scale insect are on the attack at this time of year, destroying plants and crops seemingly overnight.??Aphids are sap sucking insects, found in the garden.??An infestation can weaken a plant and the sticky substance they excrete can result in the growth of damaging moulds.??It is important to tackle an infestation as soon as it is identified.

There are effective options for those who want a natural solution; Organic Bug Free and Natria Bug Control.

Awarded a Which? Best Buy earlier this year, Natria Bug Control is made from naturally occurring active ingredients, certified for organic use by the Organic Farmers & Growers Limited and can be used on flowers, fruit and vegetables, including on the day of harvest.??Also certified by the Organic Farmers & Growers Limited Organic Bug Free is a fast acting contact insecticide that can also be used on selected fruit and vegetables right up to harvest.

?Many people want to garden as naturally as possible and for them these two bug controllers are perfect,? explained Alison Mulvaney, Product Manager at Bayer Garden.???Both control a wide range of pests, can be used on fruit and vegetables as well as flowers and are certified for organic use.

?They are both contact insecticides, which means they need to be sprayed directly onto the pests as soon as you see them.??It?s always best to spray as soon as you see the first pest to avoid a damaging infestation, so the main piece of advice is to stay vigilant and act immediately.?

In the Which? trial the products were tested for effectiveness (how well they controlled aphids) and ease of use (the comfort of the bottle and the effectiveness of the spray).??At 92% Natria Bug Control secured a much higher score in the tests than any other.??It was found to be ?very effective at controlling aphids on both ornamental and vegetable plants?*.

?We are delighted to secure the Which? Best Buy for Natria Bug Control,? continued Alison.???The efficacy of our products is fundamental.??We make sure gardeners can trust a product from Bayer Garden to do the job in question, so this independent third party endorsement is particularly rewarding.?

* May issue of Which? Gardening.


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