Tetra responds to consumer demand with FreshDelica relaunch

Tetra, the leading global fish product manufacturer, has refreshed its popular FreshDelica gel food in a newly developed 80g tube for an even easier feeding experience. Offering high quality food which is preserved for up to four weeks after opening without the need to refrigerate, the new tube packaging is quick to use and mess-free.

Tetra FreshDelica brine shrimps and bloodworms are a great addition to a complete and balanced diet such as TetraMin as brine shrimps help to enhance a fish?s bright colours thanks to their high carotenoid content, whilst bloodworms support healthy growth. Packed together in a nutritious gel, Tetra FreshDelica tubes offer a convenient alternative to frozen or live food.

Offering owners the opportunity to interact more closely with their fish, Tetra?s new launch allows fishkeepers to feed their livestock in a more natural way by squeezing droplets or strips of gel onto the water?s surface or into the water itself.

Ashleigh Pope, marketing manager at Tetra commented: ?At Tetra we understand the importance of listening to our consumers and retailers to ensure we continually offer fishkeepers with the best solutions to further improve their experience. The launch of the FreshDelica gel tubes offers a fun and interactive way to feed fish whilst ensuring they receive the nutrition needed.?

Tetra FreshDelica gel is available in an 80g tube with an RRP of ?7.99. The popular 3g FreshDelica sachets are also still available.

For more information about Tetra, visit http://www.tetra.net/en

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