‘The 1’: Fastest ever lawn seed blend

New for sowing this spring, ‘The 1’ is the quickest establishing grass seed that has ever been developed, say renowned lawn care specialists Johnsons Lawn Seed.

Developed in the company?s dedicated research laboratories, the new mix features two new varieties of lawn perennial ryegrass which are the quickest available to germinate and establish.? The new varieties have a larger seed containing more energy allowing quicker germination and the development of deeper roots.

Once established, ‘The 1’ grows at a normal rate and needs no more mowing than usual.? And if that wasn?t enough, it also delivers greater drought resistance than traditional lawn ryegrass with excellent wear tolerance and appearance ? essential for well-used family lawns, and for withstanding dry spells in the summer.

Johnsons Lawn Seed expert Guy Jenkins explains the benefits for consumers: ?The seeds themselves are larger than other lawn grasses, allowing them to hold more energy and nutrients – meaning quicker and more successful germination rates even at lower temperatures. The time between sowing and mowing has never been shorter ensuring beautiful lawns are easier to obtain than ever before.?

‘The 1’ is a new addition to the current range of premium lawn seed mixtures from Johnsons which include ?Any Time?, ?Quick Fix and ?Tuffgrass?.

?The 1? is available in 500g (SRP ?7.99) and 1.5kg (SRP ?17.99) cartons

Find out more

To find out more about ‘The 1’ and all of Johnsons lawn seed products, visit www.johnsonslawnseed.com.? Visitors to the website will also find a ?Product Selector? to help them find the exact blend of seed for their own soil and situation.

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