The best house plants for beginners

House plants have flooded into our homes in recent years. Almost every surface features a spot of greenery, whether it’s a cactus or swiss cheese plant. The house plant interior trend beautifully coincides with the minimalist approach. House plants add a little colour and life to an otherwise neutral interior.

However, some people claim our love of house plants goes a little deeper. There is something meditative about caring for your plants every day by watering, potting and maintaining them. Every element of the digital world is fast-paced, while the plant world moves gradually with the seasons. You can’t code a plant to grow instantly. You have to nurture it and practise patience. In a way, gardening is the exact opposite of the online world.

Even if you don’t have a garden per se, you can still grow a few plants. Combine your home office furniture with some leafy greens to create a calming atmosphere.

Here are the best house plants to invest in for beginners:

Golden Pothos Vine

The Golden Pothos Vine is an incredibly popular hanging plant. It grows quickly from pots and hanging baskets, with bright yellow and green leaves. It can survive with minimal care – but the leaves will flourish if you spend some extra time nurturing them.

Spider Plant

The spider plant has narrow arching leaves and isn’t too fussy about water or light. Give your spider plant a little water and sunlight, and it will be good to go. The spider plant will send out offsets on long stems when it starts to mature. It can look magnificent as a hanging plant display.

Snake plant

The snake plant has sword-shaped leaves with yellow patterns. It looks almost reptile-like. They are very difficult to kill. Just make sure they get plenty of light and do not overwater them.

Succulents and cacti

Succulents are desert plants with fleshy leaves, and some have spines. They can come in barrels, paddles, or column shapes. Succulents are the toughest plants out there and thrive on neglect. Make sure they have bright light, a well-drained pot and a little water from time to time. You don’t need to put too much effort into them.

Swiss cheese plant

The swiss cheese plants look fantastic in a minimalist home. The large leaves can fill an empty corner in your home and add a little colour to a plain room. They require moderate light and weekly watering. You will need to attach the plant to a trellis as they grow.

You need to find appropriate locations for each plant – according to the light they require. Place sun-loving plants near the windows to keep them happy. Bring a few houseplants into your home to brighten up the space with some fresh life.

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