The EV charging story so far

The UK’s electric vehicle market is continuing to grow, and the termination of the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans in 2030 draws ever closer. A significant rise in EV charging infrastructure is required to meet the increasing demand of electric transportation.

From attracting more customers to drawing revenue from charge points to elevating sustainability credentials, the benefits of installing EV charging mean more and more garden centres like yours across the country are developing an EV charging strategy.

Mer provides reliable and effective EV charging solutions. Owned by Statkraft, Europe’s leading generator of renewable energy, we have over 100,000 charge point installations across the UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Austria. In the UK, we work with businesses and organisations to future-proof their land, increase their sustainable footprint, and support the country’s transition to electric transportation by installing a charging infrastructure portfolio that is tailored to the individual organisation.

Mer works with garden centres across the UK to realise their EV charging potential.

Why choose Mer?

We offer a range of financial models, from part-financed to fully-financed, to enable garden centres to capitalise on EV charging, which means you may not have to pay a penny to install charge points on your land, and you can earn revenue through your charge points.

Our bespoke service is enabled by our thorough analysis of your individual site. Whilst over-installation results in grid constraint, our method ensures we install where it is necessary.

As well as the best location, we provide the best hardware and technology for your site, prioritising scalability, and longevity. Our chargers are easy to use and accessible for all, something we are achieving through remaining attentive to customer feedback as part of our ambition to be as customer-centric as possible.

We can take care of the entire process, from grid connection to installation to management of the charge points, and you can take advantage of a range of services, including our leading Operator Portal which provides access to useful data from your chargers.

Mer does not simply preach sustainability – it is part of who we are. Not only are we backed by a leading company in renewables and our chargers can be powered by zero carbon, 100% renewable energy solely from hydro, wind and solar sources, our business strategy incorporates sustainable and responsible practises, from carbon accounting to planting a tree for every public charger installed. We are dedicated to the UK’s EV transition in the long-term and a greener future for all.

What’s next for Mer?

We are excited for the journey ahead as we continue to establish ourselves as a trusted charge point operator for garden centre across the UK.

From September 2022, Blue Diamond’s 39 garden centres will be the home of Mer fast, rapid and ultra-rapid charge points, as part of an agreement that will see over 300 points installed.

Alan Roper, managing director of Blue Diamond Group, said, “We are delighted to be working with Mer to provide sustainable EV charging on all of our sites across the Blue Diamond group over the next year” and called Mer “an excellent fit for [their] ethos on the installation of charging stations in [their] car parks”.

Join the EV transition today

Our EV Charging Guide for the Commercial Real Estate Sector is a perfect introduction to the EV charging market.

Combining over 10 years’ experience with our commitment to sustainable transportation through the 125 renewable legacy of our parent company, the Mer team can support your centre on its route to a more sustainable future.

Contact us today to discuss EV charging infrastructure with Mer.



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