The Future for EPoS: Keith Bateman

Keith Bateman from Davidson Richards talks to Garden Centre Retail about the future for EpoS.

We live in unprecedented times in terms of the pace of technology, and now cloud technology is the way forward for storing and accessing our precious information.

With many of us already using the cloud for our smart phones for photos, social media, email, music and countless apps we don?t think twice about updating or maintaining these.

In the business and retail world, the cloud is also transforming how EPoS and retail management solutions are delivered and consumed.

In the past, retailers needed a physical server in their back office to run the EPoS solution and with it, all of the associated costs throughout its life.

From its purchase, power, maintenance and troubleshooting these costs are substantial when you also consider the human resources needed too.

With all of the back office and HQ management now handled securely in the cloud, the seamless updates are taken care of by your EPoS provider.

This significantly reduces the total cost of EPoS ownership and in practical terms, leaves you free to focus on retailing.

Connecting through the internet means you can be in the office 24/7 from wherever you are, so you are in control and up to date on all activities as they happen.

This technology also provides the confidence and freedom to make timely decisions in line with the business needs. With real time stock information available at your fingertips, you can decide if you need to run a promotion to reduce overstocked items without delay.

Today?s customers expect a connected experience, gaining loyalty points and taking advantage of promotions whether that?s in-store or on your web store.

An EPoS system can ensure all of your services are connected so the same price and loyalty schemes can be offered wherever your customer decides to shop, offering services such as click and collect.

Currently there are a wide range of handheld devices available with EPoS solutions, which are invaluable for shortening the goods process for stock taking and queue busting too.

Tablet devices are a great way to interact with customers on the shop floor to handle special orders or for product and pricing queries as you have the ability to transform the tablet into a till using a docking device.

Integrated chip and pin also plays a key role in serving customers quickly at the tills and reducing the levels of miskeying compared to stand alone PDQ devices.

Cloud technology makes it easy to connect your EPoS with your other business applications, reducing the need to rip out and replace and safeguarding the cost and time already invested.

This can include your web store, financial accounting, warehousing, loyalty schemes and other business software.

Results have proven to streamline operations and ultimately improve the bottom line. The benefits of cloud technology mean you are in total control of your business, allowing you to minimise your overall costs and maximising your profits.

Whether you?re dissatisfied with your existing EPoS system or currently using cash registers, Davidson Richards make the transition to their EPoS retail management solution as pain-free as possible, already helping over 50 garden centre organisations.

To find out more, or call Davidson Richards on 01332 383 231.

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