The Greener Gardening Company reveals its exceeding own peat-free expectations

UK manufacturer The Greener Gardening Company has confirmed that it is currently exceeding its own expectations, with almost 60% of its product portfolio set to be peat-free in 2021, up from 20% in 2019.

The company says this has come about through a combination of investment and innovation, with the company’s 100% peat-free Happy Compost range – the company’s most eco-friendly and sustainable brand to date – helping to drive these targets quicker than first anticipated through consumer confidence and significant repeat sales.

All Happy Compost packaging is recyclable and also incorporates 30% recycled plastic in its bags, while all core raw materials are recycled or sustainable by-products, including bark, wood fibre, coir and green compost.

Jason Pike, national sales manager at The Greener Gardening Company said: “We knew we had created something really special with Happy Compost but to see its growth over the last 12 months has been a significant moment for us. The combined retailer and consumer confidence is enabling us to project even greater majority percentages for our peat-free portfolio in 2021 than first expected, something which will only ever have a positive impact for both the environment and retailer profits. It’s an exciting place to be, and we are committed to developing this further over the coming season.”

The Greener Gardening Company’s parent company, Bord na Móna has also ended peat harvesting. Jason Pike, added: “It is great to see Bord na Mona continuing to commit to a more sustainable future, but we want to reassure our retail customers that these changes will not have any immediate impact on our offering. The Greener Gardening Company will continue operating as normal, supported by existing peat reserves. In line with our overall environmental strategy and coupled with the required climate solution proposals, we are focused and committed to taking our loyal consumers on a journey which is focused on reducing peat and developing alternative growing media solutions over the coming years.”

The Happy Compost range is expanding this years, with the addition of: Farmyard Manure, Enriched Top Soil, Lawn Soil, Mini Chip Bark, Composted Bark, Medium Chip Bark and Chunky Chip Bark.

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