The path to contentment starts with the Fiskars XL Leaf rake

Let’s face it, there is no shortage of rakes on the market but the Fiskars XL Garden leaf rake offers so much more than just a fine looking tool. In simple terms, it’s huge and for consumers keen to minimise the task of leaf clearing, it’s the best rake for the job.

New to the UK, the XL Garden Leaf rake is already the best selling Fiskars leaf rake in France and it’s certain to be a successful addition to the UK garden sector. With 27 variable tines spanning an impressive 65 cm, the plastic head has just the right rigidity to retain a firm grip on leaves and the perfect amount of flex to collect large quantities of debris without harming healthy grass underneath. An extra long traditional wooden handle adds extended reach enabling large areas of lawn to be cleared in a shorter time.

Thought and attention has been given to the retailing of the Fiskars XL Leaf rake instore. The rakes are delivered in a free standing POS unit which perfectly fits 20 XL Leaf rakes. With great visuals, an autumnal display can be created instantly and placed easily at the end of aisles or by the check-out tills to maximise sales

As autumn approaches, retailers know that now is the time to encourage gardeners to keep lawns leaf free in preparation for healthy spring growth. Using well designed, durable tools from Fiskars can reduce strain and fatigue, save time and make a big difference to the end result.

Fallen leaves create a barrier on lawns; one which traps moisture, inhibits sunlight and harbours insects and diseaes that can kill patches of even the healthiest grass. Leaves need to be removed to ensure healthy growth in the coming spring. It’s not just the grass that needs to be cleared of leaf fall; left on paths and pavements, they become a trecharous slippery mat. To remove leaves effectively and quickly from lawns, paths and pavements, gardeners need the best rake and if you want to help make a little task out of a big chore, the Fiskars XL garden Leaf rake is the best one for the task.

? ? ? Features

  • A beautiful, traditional tool with shaft made from?lacquered wood
  • Extra wide head (65 cm)
  • Flat, rigid and curved plastic tines prevent leaves from?sliding up and blocking the head
  • Rounded edges make it suitable for all types of terrain
  • Grip apertures at the top of the rake head enable?easier removal of leaf and waste matter


  • Weight: 1160 g
  • Length: 1735 mm

Point of Sale

Available in a cardboard FSU display box for displaying 20 Fiskars XL Leaf rakes.


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