Thermoflor take part in Kom Op Tegen Kanker bike ride

During the ascension day weekend the combined team from the Deforche Construct Group rode 1000km in four days to raise money for cancer research.With riders from all the branches of the DCG group and multiple countries the diverse team had riders from Thermoflor, the Garden Centre Specialist.

Raising money for the fight against cancer and giving back is part of the identity of both Thermoflor and Deforche. It is a family company and has seen the pain that cancer causes to families, meaning they are more than happy to help the fight. The total event raised €5.7m , the riders all have their own reasons to ride the ride, sometimes personal or just because they want to help the fight.

Christian Gombert, marketing & development director Thermoflor and one of the riders:

“Riding together with all these people who are raising money for the fight against cancer really inspires me and the team will be back next year to raise even more money for cancer research.”

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