Thermoflor involvement with European garden centres

Much larger garden caf? for Forest Lodge:?Roger Head has commissioned Thermoflor to build an extension to expand and modernise his popular Forest Lodge garden centre in the south of the UK. This will double the number of customers who will be able to use the catering facilities during their visit to the shop.

The existing garden caf? will remain in business as usual during the work on the extension. The white-coated steel structure will be covered with our in-house developed Thermolux Excellent curtain walls and a sandwich roof with 32-mm polycarbonate vent sashes. The whole will be connected to the existing garden caf?, which will be revamped.

Expansion for Villa Verde in Tollevast, France:?When the Legruel brothers in Tollevast, northwestern France, saw parts of their existing Venlo-style greenhouses give way under a heavy load of snow they decided to tear down and replace all the damaged parts of their garden centre.

In the 1st phase of this project Thermoflor is going to install a roof with a span of 22 metres and a length of 66 metres between four buildings consisting of wooden structures. The entrance will be built in front of this roofed area. The building, which will contain the heated retail section, will have a total area of 1540 m2. It will also include a first floor with an area of 160 m2 for the offices.

In a 2nd phase Thermoflor will be installing two more roofs with a span of 16 metres? and connect the structures of phases 1 and 2. The roof, a few end walls and one side wall of one of the existing buildings will also be replaced.

Glee Birmingham

Of course Thermoflor will be at the Glee in Birmingham: Hall/Stand: 17Q59.

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