Thompson & Morgan tomato flavour tests

Fertiliser choice the key factor in improving tomato flavour and sweetness, according to Thompson & Morgan.

A company spokesperson said: ?When Thompson & Morgan assessed over 140 tomato varieties at its Suffolk trial grounds last summer, the aim was to gauge the plants against indoor and outdoor growing conditions. What they weren?t expecting was to hit on a simple way of vastly boosting the sweetness and flavour of home-grown tomatoes.

?One aspect of the trial compared the results of different plant feeds on Tomato Sweet Aperitif. In terms of health, vigour and yield, incredicrop stood out as the best feed for tomatoes. A single application of this season-long feed at planting time led to the best plants both in a greenhouse setting and out in the field.?

Speaking of the findings, T&M horticultural director Paul Hansord, said: ?We already know Sweet Aperitif is the sweetest red cherry on the market – the first to consistently score over 10 on the Brix scale. We couldn?t believe the sucrose levels could be boosted even further.?

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