Three reasons to stock Kelkay’s artificial grass

The new range of artificial grass from Kelkay has many advantages over ordinary grass and represents a great opportunity for garden centre sales growth.

Responding to the trend for low maintenance and convenient garden features, Kelkay introduced a competitively priced and high quality range of artificial grass at GLEE in September. Retailers are already reporting growth in the pre-pack rolls of artificial grass in preference to bulk materials so Kelkay has focussed on high impact floor standing display bins containing easy ? to ? shop rolls.

Alan Sheppard at Kelkay believes that there are three key factors that make their Artificial Grass a great sales opportunity for garden centre retailers

  1. It’s so easy to lay

    Recognising that consumers increasingly prefer to tackle modest garden projects themselves, the step by step guide to laying Kelkay Artificial Turf highlights just how easy to install the product can be.

  • You can lay it on soil, concrete, tarmac, decking and paving
  • A compacted sand base and? layer of weed control fabric give best results on soil
  • You can even lay Kelkay Artificial Turf on sloping surfaces, roof terraces and balconies
  • Rolls can be easily joined with Kelkay jointing tape
  1. It’s environmentally friendly

    The environmental benefits of laying artificial turf in place of conventional lawns are sometimes overlooked

  • No need to waste water on the lawn ? Kelkay Artificial Grass can withstand the hottest drought conditions and retains its? vibrant colour
  • No fertilisers to apply ? Kelkay Artifical Grass stays green year after year
  • Never use a weed killer again
  • No grass clippings to dispose of
  • No petrol or other fuel used for mowing ? Kelkay Artificial Grass will never need cutting


  1. It looks fantastic

    The product is highly versatile, looks great and stays that way for years

  • UV stabilised (BIN53387) so no colour fading even in prolonged sunlight
  • 10 year guarantee and a lifetime of up to 20 years
  • Useable year round regardless of the weather
  • Great for people whose age or health makes mowing and maintenance difficult
  • 100% pet and child friendly ? it looks and feels like real grass, but without the mud and dirt
  • Doesn?t wear in high traffic areas

The product is available in three different options ? Luxury Grass which replicates a fine turf with dense tufts and a thick and luxurious sward. Classic Grass is a more economic option with a slightly less dense pile to re-create the classic family back lawn. Finally, Kelkay?s Artificial Grass is available in three vibrant colours that have been chosen to appeal to younger children and would be ideal for creating safer and entertaining play areas.

Classic Grass suggested retail price is ?39.99 or 3 for ?100. Luxury Grass is ?59.99 or 2 for ?100. Play Grass suggested retail price is ?59.99 each. The range also includes a 5m roll of jointing tape (x12) at ?9.99 and a 5 pack of ground pegs (x12) ?2.99.

?And the key to making it easy to stock and easy to sell for garden centres is our high impact packaging and point of sale and the easy to merchandise dump bins. It?s really a very natural extension to the range of aggregates and paving we already supply? added Alan.

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