A Tidal Wave of Linked Sales Opportunities from Deco-Pak

Deco-Pak, the UK?s leading supplier of garden landscaping materials, has added the Tidal Natural Stone Water features brand to its portfolio, providing even stronger linked sales for its retail customers.

Deco-Pak?s new product differentiation means that water feature products and decorative aggregates can now be cross-merchandised on the same stand to achieve greater linked sales.

Craig Hall, Marketing Manager for Deco-Pak, explains why this is good news for stockists with limited floorspace.? ?Natural water features can take up valuable space and most of our customers find it difficult to find the right spot for it that also makes sense to the consumer.? Our new POS stands solve these problems by being space saving and versatile, but most importantly making it easier for the consumer, whilst also providing them with the information and products that they need in one place.?


The POS display stands for the new Tidal products are available in different sizes and can be merchandised with display models depending on the retailer?s preference, says Craig: ?We believe in giving the customer choice, not only with the products they can merchandise on our stands, but with shopfloor planning too. Our goal is to give them more options for this whilst also providing opportunities to increase average spend.?

Natural water feature products to stock

Deco-Pak?s water feature stands could be arranged to suit whichever models are in stock, yet the company can help with providing advice on bestsellers to display.? Deco-Pak have hand-picked the best Tidal water feature products for their 2014 catalogue, which include classic stainless steel spheres, natural stone columns and a cascading slate pyramid.? These proven top sellers come supplied with all the necessary parts for the customer to set up out of the box, and can also be sold alongside various accessories such as Tidal Care Stainless Steel Cleaning Cloths, Tidal Clear Wave Cleaning Solution and Deco-Pak?s existing ?Finest Finishing Touches? decorative pebbles range.? Craig adds: ?There are accessories available not only to the novice, but also to the more ambitious consumer, such as a water feature kit, extension cables, and different sized reservoirs.?

Decorative aggregates

Deco-Pak are best known for their quality aggregates and gravels, and have a specific range that can be easily merchandised beside the Tidal products.? The Stainless Steel Sphere stand uses a handful of the decorative pebbles from the ?Finest Finishing Touches? range beneath each sphere to help the consumer see how to use them.? 14 of the small, easy to carry bags of pebbles can be displayed with the water feature accessories stand, representing an excellent linked sales opportunity with no additional effort on the part of the retailer.? The Finest Finishing Touches range includes:

  • Autumn Corn
  • Candy Rose
  • Classic Spar
  • White Pearl
  • Black/Snow White Pebbles
  • Oriental Black/Brown/Gold/White

Versatile supply

Deco-Pak?s range of products, which now include other products such as birdhouses, has certainly evolved over the years, and continues to do so. ?Craig explains one of the reasons for this. ???We are well known for our range of high quality decorative aggregates for landscaping and gardening, and because we can supply them without difficulty and at a competitive price, our customers naturally want to know if they can buy other products from us.?

This is great news for customers that don?t want to have to deal with too many suppliers.

?We?ll always sell core products like slate and cobbles, but being able to offer things like water features makes it even easier for our customers to keep control of costs, as well as replenish their stock throughout peak times.?

Find out more

Retailers can contact Deco-Pak via telephone (01422) 204394, fax (01422) 204544, or email via the ?contact us? form on www.deco-pak.co.uk, where more details of the full Tidal range can be found.


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