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With sustainably sourced, high quality tea on the rise, the Great Taste award-winning Beyond the Leaf collection from Ahmad Tea in collaboration with Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, is an exciting opportunity for garden centres looking to capitalise on the fine tea opportunity…

The perfect gift for tea lovers, Beyond the Leaf is a Great Taste award-winning collaboration between two iconic British brands, balancing Ahmad Tea’s four generations of tea knowledge with the natural beauty and heritage of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

The partnership, which supports ground-breaking conservation and preservation work in plant and fungal science, sees the prestigious English heritage brand come together with some of the world’s most beautifully blended teas to create a range that is refined, elegant, and quintessentially British.

Featuring four classic blends – Majestic Breakfast, Splendid Ceylon, Garden Afternoon and Elegant Earl Grey – it’s the perfect balance of quality and elegance for a smooth, delicious brew at any time of the day.

Naturally good tea

“As a leading authority in the natural world, Kew is the perfect partner for our Beyond the Leaf collection” explains Dominic Marriott, Master Tea Taster at Ahmad Tea. “To produce the finest tea takes time, patience, and dedication. From hand plucking the best leaves and buds from the world’s most prestigious tea gardens to tasting the tea at every stage in its long and intricate journey, every blend in our collection is nurtured to ensure the highest quality and the most exquisite taste.

“At Ahmad Tea, we’re lucky enough to have some of the world’s best Tea Tasters on our team who sample up to 500 cups each day to ensure the blends are perfectly balanced and the taste is consistent. Beyond the Leaf is testament to this; from the rich and malty Majestic Breakfast to the refreshing and lively Splendid Ceylon, Great British classics are elevated to a new level.”

 Beyond the Leaf: Four Classic Blends from Ahmad Tea and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew  

Majestic Breakfast. A jewel in the British tea crown, this rich and malty blend balances Kenyan and Ceylon teas with second flush Assam leaves for a bold, full bodied brew. Best served with a splash of milk.  

Splendid Ceylon. Teas from high elevations give the brew its bright colour and deep flavour, whilst the medium grown teas add a citrussy freshness for a refreshing and lively finish. Serve with a slice of lemon for a classic Ceylon experience.  

Garden Afternoon (1 Great Taste Star). An elegant and uplifting blend, this delectable brew is the perfect partner for afternoon tea. A blend of Assam, Kenyan and Ceylon teas, with a hint of bergamot, provides an uplifting floral finish.  

Elegant Earl Grey (1 Great Taste Star) – Soothing and exotic, this refined Earl Grey balances teas from Ceylon and India. A touch of bergamot adds an exotic fragrance to lift the tea’s citrussy notes. Served with lemon or a splash of milk, this soothing brew is perfect at any time of the day.  

A supportive sip: How Ahmad Tea supports global communities

At Ahmad Tea, from our HQ in Hampshire, we’re passionate about bringing communities together to help those in need, and we donate 20% of our profit from Beyond the Leaf (and our wider collection of award-winning teas) to support local grassroots projects.

“One of these is our partnership with Children In Need India, the first project of its kind in the Assam region, which produces half of India’s tea. The project aids women and children in the transition from pregnancy to infancy through the critical first 1000 days of a newborn’s life. The work to date has provided vital access to health, nutrition, water and sanitation. It’s about engaging the whole plantation community; changing behaviours, breaking the negative cycle of poor standards of care, and educating women on their rights and entitlements.

Beyond the Leaf from Ahmad Tea in collaboration with Royal Botanic Gardens is available now. For trade enquiries, contact Ahmad Tea at info@ahmadtea.com or enquire via Petty Wood. RRP £9.99 for a 100g loose leaf tea caddy or £14.99 for a 4 x 10 teabag selection caddy. Find out more at https://uk.ahmadtea.com/collections/beyond-the-leaf-collection/  

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