Tong raises ?10k for Candlelighters charity

Tong Garden Centre has announced that it raised ?10,000 for Candlelighters in 2018.

The team at Tong raised funds for the charity that supports Yorkshire families facing children’s cancer. They did this through a series of events and collection boxes at the tills.

?Staff at Tong voted to support Candlelighters during 2018. A charity committee was set up to organise fund-raising initiatives.
Committee chairman, Dennis Keen said: “We all know someone whose lives are affected by childhood cancers. We’re pleased to help Candlelighters to fight children’s cancer in our local community.”
Amy Harrison at Candlelighters said: “We’re delighted to work with the Garden Centre. We so appreciate their huge efforts in raising ?10,000 for our charity.
“Money such as this could do so much. It can fund sibling groups and trips for a year.
“Candlelighters supports children and their families affected by a childhood cancer diagnosis. Our support lasts as long as families need it. We couldn’t offer it without the support of fundraisers like Tong Garden Centre.”
Tong’s fund raising team will be announcing its 2019 charity of the year shortly.

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