Top 10 indoor plants selling out due to millennial demand

Research from online outdoor living retailer, Internet Gardener, has revealed millennials’ favourite indoor plants which are selling out. They have got this information from researching thousands of Instagram posts.

Millennial interest in the plants is so great that plant retailers across the country are selling out. With specific waiting lists for the most popular on Instagram.

The top 50 posts from almost 6.1 million images across five hashtags were analysed to see which plants featured frequently in each individual post.

The top 10 plants are:

  1. Swiss Cheese Plant (7.28%)
  2. Princess-Blue (7.0%)
  3. Chinese Money Plant (4.48%)
  4. Devil’s Ivy (4.2%)
  5. Boston Fern (3.64%)
  6. Hedge Cactus (2.82%)
  7. False Shamrock (2.52%)
  8. String of Hearts (2.52%)
  9. String of Pearls (2.24%)
  10. Rubber plant (2.24%)

The Swiss Cheese Plant was found to be the favourite across Instagram’s top posts, accounting for just under 7.3% of all indoor plants shared on the platform. This species of houseplant also received on average 745 likes per post where it featured.

The plant that received the most likes on average, however, was not the same species which featured the most. The Chinese Money Plant, which came third as it appeared in 4.48% of posts, actually gained the most likes on average at 2001 per post.

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