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Garden Centre Retail has rounded up the best plants for that sunny spot in your customer?s garden.

Aster thomsonii

Aster thomsonii
Thomson’s aster
Aster can be perennials, annuals or subshrubs, mostly with narrow leaves, and solitary or clustered, daisy-like flowers.
A. thomsonii is a clump-forming perennial, to 1m tall, with oval, toothed leaves, up to 10cm long, on hairy stems. Flowerheads, up to 5cm across, comprising lavender-blue rays and a central yellow disk, are held on slender branches from late summer into autumn.
BEST USE: Flower borders and beds; Cottage & Informal Garden; Coastal; City & Courtyard Gardens; Wildlife Gardens

Sambucus nigra f. porphyrophylla ‘Gerda’

Sambucus nigra?f.?porphyrophylla?’Gerda’(PBR)
elder ‘Gerda’
Sambucus can be herbaceous perennials, deciduous shrubs or small trees, with pinnate leaves and umbels or panicles of small creamy-white flowers followed by red, white or black berries.
‘Gerda’ is a deciduous shrub or small tree, with deep purple foliage from spring to autumn and flat heads of small, pinkish-purple flowers, followed by purple-black berries.
BEST USE: Low Maintenance; Hedging & Screens; Coastal; Wildlife Gardens.

Helenium ‘Karneol’

sneezeweed ‘Karneol’
Helenium may be upright, clump-forming annuals, biennials or herbaceous perennials with simple leaves and showy daisy-like flower-heads over a long period.
‘Karneol’ is an upright perennial to 1.2m tall, flowering in late summer and autumn, the flowerheads with spreading deep red ray florets surrounding a brown centre.
BEST USE: Flower borders and beds; City & Courtyard Gardens; Coastal; Cottage & Informal Garden.

Hamamelis mollis ‘Wisley Supreme’

Hamamelis mollis?’Wisley Supreme’
witch hazel ‘Wisley Supreme’
Hamamelis are deciduous shrubs with broadly ovate or rounded leaves, sometimes colouring well in autumn, and fragrant yellow to red flowers with 4 narrow petals, borne on the leafless branches in late winter and early spring, or in autumn.
‘Wisley Supreme’ is a spreading deciduous shrub or small tree, with broadly ovate or rounded leaves and fragrant golden-yellow flowers borne in small clusters on the leafless twigs from mid to late winter.
BEST USE: Flower borders and beds; Cottage & Informal Garden.

Sarracenia flava

Sarracenia flava
yellow pitcher plant
Sarracenia?can be evergreen or herbaceous, rhizomatous perennials with rosettes of phyllodes mostly modified into insect-catching tubular pitchers with hooded lids, and solitary, nodding cup-shaped flowers in spring.
S. flava?is a carnivorous perennial to 90cm, with slender yellow-green pitchers with erect lids, and nodding yellow flowers 10cm across.
BEST USE: Low Maintenance; Patio & Container Plants.

Rhododendron ‘Hydon Dawn’

Rhododendron?’Hydon Dawn’
rhododendron ‘Hydon Dawn’
Rhododendron can be evergreen or deciduous shrubs or trees, with simple leaves, sometimes with a dense colourful indumentum of hairs on the lower side, and funnel-shaped, bell-shaped or tubular flowers that may be solitary or in short racemes.
‘Hydon Dawn’ is a compact evergreen shrub to 1.5m tall, of dense habit, with glossy, dark green foliage with cream felt beneath. Rounded trusses of frilled, pale pink flowers, 5cm in width, which fade to near-white, are produced in late spring.
BEST USE: Low Maintenance; City & Courtyard Gardens; Cottage & Informal Garden.

Fuchsia ‘Genii’

fuchsia ‘Genii’
Fuchsia?can be deciduous or evergreen shrubs or trees, rarely perennials, with opposite or whorled leaves and usually pendent flowers with conspicuous tubular calyx, 4 spreading sepals and 4 erect petals.
‘Genii’ is an erect medium-sized deciduous shrub with yellow-green foliage. Flowers single, small, with narrow, up-curved cerise sepals, slender cerise tube and reddish-purple petals.
BEST USE: Flower borders and beds; Low Maintenance; Wall-side Borders; City & Courtyard Gardens; Coastal; Cottage & Informal Garden; Patio & Container Plants.

Lobelia erinus ‘Cambridge Blue’

Lobelia erinus?’Cambridge Blue’
trailing lobelia ‘Cambridge Blue’
Lobelia?can be annuals, perennials or shrubs, with simple leaves and showy 2-lipped flowers that may be solitary or in racemes or panicles.
?Cambridge Blue’ is a compact annual to 15cm, forming a low hummock of narrow foliage, with clear light blue, two-lipped flowers 2cm across in summer and autumn.
BEST USE: Flower borders and beds; Garden Edging; City & Courtyard Gardens; Cottage & Informal Garden; Patio & Container Plants.

Rosa mulliganii (Ra)

Rosa mulliganii?(Ra)
Mulligan rose
Rosa?can be deciduous or semi-evergreen shrubs or scrambling climbers, with usually thorny stems bearing pinnate leaves and solitary or clustered, 5-petalled flowers followed by showy red or purple fruits.
Rambler roses are vigorous shrubs with long, arching, thorny or smooth stems carrying glossy foliage and large sprays of small, single or double, often fragrant flowers in early summer.
R. mulliganii?is a vigorous large rambler to 6m, with glossy foliage, purplish when young. Large clusters of banana-scented white flowers 5cm in width, with prominent yellow stamens in summer. Small orange-red hips in autumn.
BEST USE: Wall-side Borders; Cottage & Informal Garden; Wildlife Gardens.

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