Top tips for improving soil quality

Here’s a few tips that you can pass on to your customers who are wondering how to improve their soil conditions.

Healthy soil is one of the best ways to ensure a garden always looks its best. Plants rely on the soil to provide the nutrients, water, and oxygen they need to thrive. If soil is not healthy and balanced, a garden will not have the chance to succeed. Fortunately, there are some steps than can be taken to improve the quality of soil.

Make Compost

If you are not making compost yet, you should start because it is a great way to recycle your old yard and kitchen waste. You will save this waste from the landfill and generate the nutrients that your garden needs with beneficial microorganisms. Compost also helps to reduce the risks of plant disease and improves the drainage of the soil.

You will not have to buy an expensive compost system for this. You can build your own using instructions available online and from the University of Missouri Extension. Some of the items that you can compost are leftover fruit and vegetables. Shredded leaves and other garden waste can be added. Of course, you will need to know what cannot be added to the compost pile as well.

soilBuild The Organic Matter

Compost will add the organic matter needed. This is important because it improves the chemical and physical characteristics. It can help boost the nutrient content in the soil while encouraging worms and other beneficial microorganisms. You can buy organic soil amendments.

A couple of inches of compost should be added once a year. If you do not have compost, you can use aged manure or other natural soil amendments. There is a lot of organic matter that you can use to boost quality.

Practice Crop Rotation

Many people do not realise that growing different crops in your garden will keep the soil healthy. Different plants need different nutrients and will attract different pests.  Rotating your crops each year will ensure the quality remains high. To do this rotation, you should not have the same plants in the same place more than once every three years.

Grow Cover Crops

This is an organic gardening tip that comes from the farmers who grow cover crops. Cover crops are also known as green manure and include plants such as yellow mustard, hairy vetch, and barley. You can use these crops to add organic matter, prevent erosion, fight plant diseases, suppress weeds, and aerate the soil. Certain cover crops like barley will grow in the fall and winter while others will smother weeds in the summer like buckwheat.

Creating your own compost, adding organic matter, rotating your crops, and having cover crops will improve the quality. You do not have to do all of this and just a few of these tips can go a long way to improving your soil and ensuring your plants are happy and healthy.

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