Town & Country gloves sell 3,400 pairs for Garden Re-Leaf Day

Town & Country sold 3,400 pairs of gardening gloves on Garden Re-Leaf Day, with more than half the garden centre?s still to submit their sales figures.

As part of its fundraising efforts for Greenfingers, The gardening glove company had pledged to donate 25p for every one of its gardening gloves sold on Garden Re-Leaf Day.

Chief executive of the company Barry Page said: ?We are delighted with the sales figures that have come in so far, which show that a whopping 3,400 pairs of Town & Country gloves were sold in the first three hours of Garden Re-Leaf Day.

?We look forward to confirming the finally tally once all the figures are in and we can calculate the final donation that we will be making to Greenfingers.?

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