Town & Country?s Master Gardener is 2014’s top selling glove

Town & Country?s number one gardening glove, the Master Gardener, features in the top 50 best-selling gardening products for the whole of 2014, according to the release of the latest industry figures.

Providing vital insight into product sales, new trends and sales peaks, is the GTN Best Sellers Garden Products Chart, which has become a valuable, ?must-have? source of information for the gardening industry.? Every week GTN receives and analyses epos data from a number of UK garden centres to produce the GTN Bestsellers charts.

A consistent presence for its range of gloves in the weekly chart speaks volumes about the rate of sale of the Town & Country brand.? The Master Gardener?s position at number 34 in the top gardening products for 2014 ? the only glove brand to appear -? confirms its status as the UK?s best-selling gardening glove ? one pair is currently sold every minute.

The gloves are made from 100% cotton with a tough latex coating, which makes them both thorn resistant and waterproof.? They offer an outstanding fit and are great in wet conditions, as the rubber coating ensures an excellent grip.? They are available in men?s and ladies? sizes with an RRP of ?5.99.

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