Townhill Junior School Courtyard Garden Volunteers Beat The Term End Clock

A project to create a courtyard garden between classrooms at Townhill Junior School was almost completed by a team of volunteers from the Haskins Garden Centre. Prior to their visit, a team from Lloyds Bank had, with the help of pupils, cleared and painted walls and paintwork so that Haskins Assistant General Manager Peter Callaway and his team could donate and install raised flower beds, wooden seating before planting a variety of flowers and herbs.? The centre will donate and plant fruit trees after the summer holiday.

As part of the SO18 Big Local Project, the creation of the courtyard has been overseen by teacher Miranda Bryan, and assistant heads Nick Humphries and Ian Crossley. Parents have helped to fund the cost of paints and assisted with the raised flower beds

?We are delighted with the support and generosity of the volunteers who have helped to create a spectacular space for the pupils to enjoy,? said Ian Crossley.? ?Many of the year 3 pupils have been involved and have actively helped with the project.?

Peter Callaway said that they expect to introduce four fruit trees to be enjoyed by future generations attending the school.

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