Trellis Capital Limited Issues 2013 Annual Report for The Garden Centre Group

Trellis Capital Limited, the holding company for The Garden Centre Group, today issued its Annual Report and financial statements for the year ending 29 December 2013.

Stephen Murphy, Chairman of The Garden Centre Group, said:?”I am pleased that 2013 was a year of successful progress and development for The Garden Centre Group. We completed several acquisitions, which further strengthened our market position, continued our focus on strengthening the management team, and made major improvements, which led to the profitability of the business significantly improving.”

Kevin Bradshaw, Chief Executive Officer of The Garden Centre Group, said:?”In my first full year as Chief Executive, I am delighted at the overall performance of the Group. Despite a year of challenging weather conditions for the industry, we delivered a positive increase in revenue while exceeding prior year performance on all profit and margin metrics. Our strategy brings a sharp focus on the most valuable opportunities to build and develop the business, and I am confident we will be able to grow significantly in the coming years.”

The full report can be seen here.

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