Trial launched for UK’s first compost packaging recycling scheme

Garden centre chain Dobbies is trialling a scheme which would allow gardeners to recycle compost packaging. Dobbies Garden Centres and Evergreen Garden Care are partnering on the initiative which will see garden furniture created from the recycled material and donated to Greenfingers, a charity that creates green spaces for terminally-ill children. 

Launching this week, trial will run in 10 stores for an initial three months.  

Most plastic packaging of the sort used for compost bags ends up in landfill because very few local authorities collect polythene sacks as part of kerbside collections or at recycling centres. 

In a survey conducted by Dobbies, in collaboration with Censuswide, 73% of respondents confirmed they went out of their way to recycle*: notably 77% of females and 69% of males. Dobbies will also be encouraging more people to recycle with instore and online information to make it as easy as possible for customers. 

Marcus Eyles, horticultural director at Dobbies, said: “All that people have to do is bring any compost packaging, no matter what brand or where it was purchased, and return it to one of the recycling bins in our plant areas. It will then be collected by Veolia for recycling at Berry BPI Recycled Products before used as part of the raw material blend to produce garden furniture becoming a valuable asset for those children’s hospices working with Greenfingers Charity. It’s a great win for the environment, for customers and for the community, and an important next stage of our #sustainabledobbies mission.” 

The stores included in the trial are: Woodcote Green, Altrincham, Morpeth, Cirencester, Milton Keynes, Atherstone, Keston, Brighton, Edinburgh and Milngavie. 

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