Two sustainable Plantorama garden centres open

In one weekend, the successful Plantorama chain has added two new garden centres which will bring them to a total of 13 locations.

On 26 March, Denmark’s largest garden centre was opened in Tilst and the day after the establishment in Hørsholm. Despite all the limitations by COVID-19, Smiemans Projecten succeeded in realizing these two innovative projects in around eight months. Plantorama now has 13 garden centres all over Denmark.

Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, the opening of the two new garden centres has not been announced and celebrated in a grand manner. Nevertheless, the opening did not go unnoticed; both garden centres are state-of-the-art, sustainable and real eye-catchers. The special copper-coloured plating at the entrance in combination with the wooden panels at the front of the building gives the building an elegant appearance.

The light through the asymmetrical roof, the escalator with the skylights above it, the cosy restaurant, the open balconies above the sales area, a waterfall – everything has been done to entertain and amaze the visitor as much as possible. The perfect place to spend your day.

In terms of layout and design, the two centres do not differ very much; both have the same facilities such as a large warehouse, ‘Play land’, a restaurant, ‘open air’ plastic curved greenhouses as an outdoor area and a huge range of products for house, garden and animals.

The latest technical installations have also been included in full, such as LED lighting, solar panels and wider rain gutters for collecting rainwater in the underground water basins and used for irrigation of the plants. They only differ in size; Hørsholm is 9,000m2 and Tilst has an area of ​​no less than 12,000m2.

If you are interested in more information concerning this project, click here.

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