UK last in Europe to ?turn on? to robotic mowers latest research reveals

75% of respondents are just not interested in robotic mowers despite huge popularity in Europe.

Quieter, more eco-friendly, totally independent with no grass cuttings to collect – the robotic mower asks the question, ?what?s not to like?? Flymo recently commissioned research with YouGov* to assess the robotic lawnmowing market in the UK.

It doesn?t put stripes on the lawn, is quite a costly purchase initially and although easy to set up the word ?robotic? can be off putting to some people. Put simply, the robotic lawnmower removes the need for walking up and down the lawn, removes the chore of disposing of the grass and affords you the time to do other things.

However, since its invention 21 years ago, less than 4% of British adults have owned a robotic mower. Yet in Sweden, France, Germany and Switzerland sales of robotics are increasing significantly and now make up a significant share of the lawnmower market.

More amazingly according to the latest research, 75% of Brits surveyed said they are just not interested.

Flymo is investing heavily in convincing the UK market that ?smart home? robotic technology is worth it and for the first time has put robotic lawnmowing at the heart of its business with an integrated TV advertising campaign.

The campaign, which launched in March, aims to increase awareness of its innovative robotic mower while addressing the education issue.

Flymo believe that the UK will eventually catch up with Europe, but there?s still work to be done with cost (46%) and whether it would save any additional time (23%) the biggest barriers for those surveyed**

Anne Smith, Flymo?s Trade Marketing Manager said:

?We know there?s still a lot of work to be done in converting British gardeners to robotic lawnmowers.?

?It?s still a relatively unheard of product so people are bound to be unsure about whether it will in fact save them time and work as it should, which is why we?re investing heavily in showing the UK just what the Flymo robotic can do. We are aware that some gardeners think you will still need to empty the grassbox on a robotic mower but that?s not the case since it can cut so often that the tiny pieces of cut grass just disappear back into the lawn for a healthier, greener lawn.?

?And it really can save you a lot of time. It?s without a doubt a ?considered purchase? and we know price is a factor which is why we have positioned the Flymo Robotic 1200R at ?899.99.?

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