The UK?s most trusted indoor plant food brand goes outside

In response to consumer insight, Bayer Garden is introducing a completely new range of plant food that will help gardeners grow plants with vibrant, scent-filled flowers, tastier fruit and vegetables and more produce than ever before ? introducing the new Baby Bio Top Vitality range.

Developed with the expertise and resources of Bayer CropScience, the Baby Bio Top Vitality range has a new balanced formula that uniquely combines bio-stimulants and nutrients in one product. Designed to optimise a plants? development, this mix of ingredients creates the?Activator Effect, which releases nature?s full potential.

Alison Mulvaney, Product Manager at Bayer Garden explained: ?We asked creative gardeners, for whom are predominantly female and see their garden as a work of art, what they wanted from a fertiliser.??They told us they looked for more and longer flowering, better flavoured edibles, greener plants and the need for less light, all from a product that?s easy to use and a brand they can trust.?

?Already well known and loved in plant care, they saw Baby Bio as a brand they could rely on to deliver great results, simple to use, with a strong heritage and the ?go to? brand for indoor plant care.??It was a natural (and expected) move to take Baby Bio outside with the launch of a radically new fertiliser range developed specifically to satisfy these unmet needs of creative and passionate gardeners.?

Baby Bio Vitality ? The Range

Top Growth Flowers?is a plant food, suitable for all kinds of flowering plants and shrubs, that encourages fast and balanced growth for strong, healthy plants.??Plants fed with this product produce up to 70% more flowers*.

Top Bloom?produces bright,??colourful and long lasting blooms as the petals are thick and uniform.

Top Growth Edibles?is a boosted plant food suitable for all kinds of edibles.??It encourages fast and balanced growth for strong and healthy plants.??In trials run in Bayer?s Research and Development facilities the yields were 35% higher than crops fed with standard NPK fertilisers.

Top Taste Edibles?has the perfect balance of nutrients for improved ripening and the production of better-flavoured and more nourishing vegetables and sweeter, tastier fruit*.

Top Defence?keeps plants in tip top condition, guarding against the negative effectives of cold, drought and transplanting.??It has both preventative and curative actions and can be used indoors and out.

By combining the different products in the range at the right stage in the plant?s life cycle gardeners will really trigger the Activator Effect, which in turn releases nature?s full potential to unleash fantastic results.??Baby Bio has, therefore introduced a simple 2 step feeding programme one for flowers and one for edibles.

Feeding programme for flowers

Feed regularly with?Top Growth Flowers?for accelerated balanced growth and healthy plants. Once the flowers appear also use?Top Bloom?for long lasting, bright coloured flowers. Keep?Top Defence?on standby for times when the plant may be under stress, for example transplanting or extreme temperatures.

Feeding programme for edibles

Feed regularly with?Top Growth Edibles?for accelerated, balanced growth and healthy plants. Once the fruit or vegetables start to form, also use?Top Taste?for improved ripening and to give an added boost of flavour. Keep?Top Defence?on standby for times when the plant may be under more stress, for example transplanting or extreme temperatures.

* compared to treating with standard NPK fertiliser.




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