Unlock the Secrets of Grand Bazaar Yankee Candle

Bring your store to life with the vivacious colours and deep, rich aromas of the new limited edition Yankee Candle Grand Bazaar collection.
Inspired by exotic travel and mystic cultures, three new fragrances encourage your customers to indulge their senses and discover a whole new world of fragrance?

Moroccan Oil blends hints of patchouli and sandalwood with the exotic aroma of rare argan oil. The result is a uniquely inviting ambience perfectly reflected via a deep red colour hue.

Offering a rich and seductive aroma is Oud Oasis, a prized incense which helps set a luxuriously calming mood, perfectly reflected by the smooth yellow wax colour tone.

Completing the collection is Frankincense, a precious resin which has long been sought for its delicate sweetness, peppery spiciness and balsamic wood undertones.

The limited edition collection will be available from Spring through to Summer 2015, injecting a surge of energy into sales between seasons and encouraging customers to collect before stocks sell through.

Available in all 6 Classic forms and with a stunning range of new accessories, Grand Bazaar provides a fantastic opportunity to create fiery and invigorating displays highlighted with complementing props and eye-catching POS.

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