Unwins takes a fresh approach to drive growth in 2017

Unwins has ramped up its investment in consumer insight and trend forecasting to deliver a product range to drive growth for retailers.
With new ranges that appeal to both new and experienced gardeners alike, the established seed brand is sure to maximise engagement in the seed category through these two core trends:
Unwins Sweet Peas The foundations of the Unwins brand came from William Unwin himself breeding and selling his first sweet pea in 1903, the family brand having since bred over 300 varieties in its 100+ year history. To celebrate the success of the Unwins Sweet Pea legacy, the brand has overhauled its sweet pea range which will this year feature in a new updated packaging design.
The new merchandising unit will allow for it to be displayed in high traffic locations in-store to drive impulse sales in the category. Varieties within the collection are merchandised by colour to help consumers find the best colour combinations and therefore increase basket spend with multiple purchases.
This year we will also be linking up with renowned English earthenware designer, Emma Bridgewater to enable consumers to get a limited edition Unwins Sweet Pea vase.
Unwins Bursting with Flavour In response to growing food trends Unwins has launched a new Bursting with Flavour seed range. Designed to inspire a growing consumer base of food enthusiasts to get back to basics and experience the satisfaction of growing their own food, whilst enjoying its improved flavour.

The comprehensive range of 39 varieties of vegetables and herbs deliver the best flavour and can be used in a wide range of dishes from the traditional Sunday roast to a spiralized courgette spaghetti.
This year we will also link up with Delicious Magazine to offer consumers a bespoke Unwins Delicious Kitchen Garden magazine ensuring they get the best from their plot to plate eating experience.


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