Urban Gardening gaining interest in the UK

The good news: the annual dynamics of the search for the LECHUZA brand in Google is characterized by a twofold increase of the interest in the brand.

This shows that urban gardening is becoming increasingly popular in England. A lifestyle inspired by proper nutrition, respect for nature, new eco-habits, active occupation in homes, internal gardens, patios and front gardens of floral decorations – all this has turned into a trend.

Another good news: LECHUZA has robust and stylish flower pots to support this trend.

The LECHUZA range of German flower pots with automatic irrigation systems offers a wide selection of table and floor models: from very small options (for example, MINI-DELTINI with a diameter of 8.5 cm with a water tank of 0.2 l) to giant pots (CLASSICO 70 with a diameter of 67 cm with a water tank of 26.5 l).

And due to the fact that LECHUZA planters are made from premium polypropylene (PP), all of them can be used both indoors and outdoors. This high-quality plastic is shockproof, safe, resistant to temperature extremes from -30 to +70 ° C and UV rays, easy to clean. It is also lightweight, which is especially important for owners of large pots with soil and bulky plants. The quality of the plastic used is confirmed by a 3-year warranty on all its products.

To make it easier for you to decide on suitable models, we present the TOP-5 sales on our website for the beginning of this summer season:

  • hanging pots BALCONERA Color (in white and gray colours);
  • BALCONERA Cottage (mocha colour) – hanging model with a wicker surface;
  • CUBE Color Triple (in gray and white colours) is another suspended model; mounts for it are already included in the package;
  • CLASSICO Color (grey colour) with a stylish matte texture;
  • ORCHIDEA orchid pot (white colour).

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