Van der Sar Import makes rattan products more sustainable

Van der Sar Import, importer and manufacturer of pots, vases, bases and planters, has made its entire line of rattan products more sustainable in the context of its sustainability policy.
In order to guarantee the quality, Van der Sar Import manages the entire process, from harvesting to customer delivery. The company is closely involved in the harvest, replanting and production of sustainable rattan products. The Van der Sar Import sustainability policy is supported by local, regional and national authorities.
According to a spokesperson: ?Our involvement and close collaboration with various local partners means that we are helping to maintain the tropical rainforest and offering employment and a decent wage to local people. We?re building on a better future for the entire family and the community.?
Van der Sar Import?s entire rattan collection can now be purchased in sustainable rattan at the same prices as before. In fact, according to the spokesperson, the quality of the planters has actually improved.

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