Vertical Living Garden to show at Four Oaks

The award winning Wonderwall will be on show at Four Oaks from Sept 5-6th.?This is a high tech self-irrigating planter which can be used to create many stunning displays. The Wonderwall planter transforms all kinds of wall or spaces to create a vertical living garden.

Ideal for commercial or domestic use, the Wonderwall planters will make an impressive impact and make any dull space come alive. You can create any type of display from a window box to covering a full side of high rise building, the process for building a? Wonderwall couldn?t be simpler.

The Self-watering system design makes watering easier and conserves water. The internal reservoir keeps plants watered for up to two weeks, depending on climate and species. For large arrangements or concealed displays, an irrigation system can be added to work alongside the planters.

The planters can be used all year round. When your summer arrangements perish, you can simply take out the nursery pots and add a winter variety, allowing flowers and plants to grow 365 days a year.

The Wonderwall is excellent for planting native perennials, flowering annuals, succulents, tropicals, house plants, herbs, and yummy organic edibles, making it safe for growing food.

Visit their stand at Four Oaks at B111.

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