Vitax launches Q4 premium liquid fertilisers

Vitax has launched the Premium Q4 Liquid Fertiliser range to complement its existing Q4 products, with each product uniquely developed with organic nutrients to stimulate growth and prevent plant stress.

The Q4 Premium Tomato Feed has been created with an organic base for longer lasting feeding and healthier roots. It creates a balanced feed, whilst also ensuring the stimulation of growth and taste. Available in a pack size of one litre, RRP ?6.99.

Vitax has also developed the Q4 Premium Flower and Fruit Feed to successfully promote bigger blooms and bright colours. Containing a raised level of potash, the feed helps promote successful flowering of plants to create a healthier root zone. ?Available in a pack size of one litre, RRP ?7.99.

For those who wish to grow their own fresh and vitamin packed vegetables, Q4 Premium Vegetable Feed has been created to keep them nurtured and healthy. ?Providing the longer lasting delivery of nutrients whilst stimulating growth, the feed can be used as a foliar spray around the base of border plants and hanging plants. Available in a pack size of one litre, RRP ?7.99.

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