Vitax has developed a range of effective and easy-to-use fertilisers which will help produce excellent fruit and vegetable crops as well as beautiful flowers and roses.

Even though it is the height of summer, flowers, fruits and vegetables still need support therefore it is vital to use the correct products to ensure healthy growth and ample flowering.

An all purpose fertiliser and a favourite amongst experienced gardeners, the Q4 Fertiliser provides all the vital plant foods. Available in both pellet or powder form, it can be used throughout the growing season allowing the plant to gain the important nutrients it requires.

The pellets come in three pack sizes: 0.9kg (RRP ?5.26), 2.5kg (RRP ?9.85) and 4.5kg (RRP ?17.40). The powder is available in a 10kg tub at RRP ?30.50 or 20kg bag.

Q4+ Fertiliser is the ideal solution for the perfect natural, organic and sustainable fertiliser when planting. The additional ingredient, mycorrhizal fungi, encourages strong root development and growth to help establish the plants, making this product an ideal pre-planting fertiliser and base dressing for compost. The pack is available in 0.9kg, RRP ?6.59. For more information about Vitax and its products, visit:

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