Vitax launches specialist products at Glee 2018

Vitax will continue to fulfil the demand for specialist products for 2019 with the launch of its new feed and compost ranges at Glee.
This follows the launch and resulting success of its dual merchandising product displays.

Vitax launches two new ranges at Glee

It was Olive Tree Feed, Tree & Shrub Planting Feed and Japanese Maple Organic Acer Feed that stood out. Tree Fern and Palm Feed also generated interest.
Each has been developed in response to gardeners and customer demand. It drives forward Vitax?s strategy to create products which help customers make the right choice.
Carl Welsh, managing director, says: ?This is an industry where there are many multi-purpose products. It is a refreshing change for gardeners to be able to choose the right product for the right plant.
?Over the past three years we have continued to add to the specialist feed range. we’ve had huge success. The feedback this year has been exceptional, confirming we are delivering what customers want.?
It’s not only Vitax?s feeds that have undergone the specialist treatment. Vitax will market five new composts for 2019.

Vitax also launches range of trusted composts

?Next year gardeners will be able to choose from a range of specialist composts. All have added Q4, which is trusted by both professional and amateur gardeners,? says Mark Butler, national sales manager.
?Besides the feeds and compost, we have also expanded two of our popular ranges. Stay Off and SBK ? to include Stay Off Mole Repellent and SBK Tree Stump Killer,? says Mark.
?Both products caused quite a stir as many gardeners now have a mole problem. The demand for non- glyphosate products is on the rise.
?The desire for more organic products remains, with Plant Guard proving a hit with organic gardeners at the show. We?re looking forward to 2019 as pre-season orders are already flowing in,? added Mark.

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