Vitax?s Garden World website goes live

Vitax has launched its first consumer-focused website to help gardeners make the right product choice and support retailers by driving in-store sales.

Vitax Garden World ( is aimed at enthusiastic and knowledgeable amateur gardeners looking to match products to specific gardening problems.

Containing factual information on product lines, product application and gardening projects and solutions, it is a ?one-stop? portal to provide the best information to gardeners looking to get the best results.

Designed to educate and help increase in-store sales, consumers can choose from a range of products and then locate their local Vitax stockist through the ?my location? link within the product section.

Easy to navigate, the website is split into three sections: Gardening Advice & Problems, Gardening Ideas & Projects, and Products.? Retailers and garden centres which stock Vitax?s products will also have their own page.

Daniel Wilkinson, Vitax?s managing director, says it?s important for manufacturers to support retailers as well as meet customer demand: ?Consumer-spending habits are forever changing but as with every purchase, consumers are increasingly using the internet to ensure they are fully-equipped with the best information before making a purchase – and gardeners are no different.

?The feedback we received when researching the site indicated that gardeners not only wanted information at the touch of a button but they also want to be inspired.? is not just about products but providing gardeners with ideas, solutions and know-how to try something different.?

Earlier this month Vitax announced that it had commissioned well-respected, practical horticulturist – Andy McIndoe – to advise on the website?s content including gardening projects, seasonal growing information and essential advice on everyday gardening issues.

?Andy?s input is essential.? Vitax is a manufacturer and whilst we know the gardening industry very well, it is imperative we gave the website substance and through a voice many gardeners are familiar with and trust,? says Daniel.

?Over the next few months, we will be adding new features to the website including the upload of videos and spring projects in readiness for the 2017 season.?

To keep up-to-date on developments at Vitax Garden World, visit:

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