Wagner reveal new plant trolley range

Wagner from Lahr/Black Forest has created a clever take-away presentation including an exclusive selection of high-quality outdoor plant trolleys on minimum space.

The profitable turnover generators are presented on a mobile presentation rack that can be placed flexibly anywhere in the store and requires minimum sales space ? just the surface area of a pallet!

The novel mobile plant trolley rack offers a fast-moving product range of outdoor plant trolleys for every customer?s taste and requirements.

The ?Toscana? is part of the range and is available in two sizes, a round model with a diameter of 50cm and a square trolley in the size of 38 x 38cm. Both sizes have a high load capacity of up to 150 kg.

The placement of the mobile plant trolley rack is fast and easy. It can be positioned with a pallet truck anywhere to the matching places in the store.

The take-away range of products is placed perfectly e.g. with big planters, container plants and garden furniture.

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