Wagner releases Sun City

Wagner’s Sun City trolleys allow the easy transport of heavy planters, flower pots and other items, anywhere within the home, work or garden environment.

The Sun City trolleys are adjustable which means they will fit exactly to the load. The high-tech rollers not only look good but provide also consumer safety, because the sliding of the load during the transport is almost impossible. The plant trolleys are made of stainless steel. Two models are equipped with castors with strong brakes. They stand safe and stable at the desired place as well as on uneven and steeply sloping surfaces around the garden or garden terrace.

The plant trolleys of the Sun City line are available in a sales-boosting mobile presentation that combines the most popular plant trolleys for indoor and the outdoor use as well. It is a perfect take-away assortment on just a pallet?s space, equipped ready for sale and including two eye-catching displays on both sides of the mobile pallet.

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