Walking stick specialists Classic Canes are celebrating their 32nd year in business with a new, 60-page trade catalogue.? Available at the end of August 2014, the catalogue illustrates the 600-plus range of walking sticks, seat sticks and umbrellas, from everyday sticks to fine collectors? canes.

The product photography is interspersed with the stylish and eye-catching lifestyle photography for which Classic Canes is well known.? Managing Partner, Charlotte Gillan, explains: ?For some people, walking sticks have negative connotations.? They imagine them as dreary symbols of infirmity, and do not appreciate what elegant and stylish accessories and gifts they can be.? Through imaginative lifestyle photography, we can show how different outfits and occasions require different walking sticks.? For example, some pictures show people in beautiful country clothes enjoying hearty walks on Dartmoor; others show fashionably dressed women attending weddings and other smart events. ?It is our firm belief that the right walking stick will always improve an outfit and never detract from it.

?As we have a lot of export customers, the feel is very British as our customers like to see sticks being used in the context of the British lifestyle.? We are fortunate to have found our photographer, Tim Mercer, whose work is in the photography collections of the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria & Albert Museum, but who now lives and works in Somerset.? He has a great talent for capturing the mood we want, and in getting the best from our non-professional models, who, as befits a family business, are all family members.?

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