Water conservation course milestone

The HTA has announced the success of an online water conservation course, which has now been completed by horticultural professionals.

Launch a year ago, the course was developed through a joint initiative by horticultural and landscape industry trade associations, in partnership with a number of UK water companies. The aim, according to the HTA, is to reduce the demand for water in areas labelled by the Environment Agency as ?serious water stressed?.

An HTA spokesperson said: ?The course requires horticulture professionals to demonstrate high standards of sustainable, cost effective and environmentally sensitive use of water in gardens, parks, sports grounds and other amenity areas.

?The certificate enables holders, and the companies they work for, to take a leading role in demonstrating and promoting best water management practice to the public.?

Tim Mudge, chief executive at the Turfgrass Growers Association, said:??The e-learning course is an important step forward for the industry. It is the first time water companies and trade associations have co-operated so closely for the benefit of the environment.

?We would urge everyone to take advantage of this course to help manage water in the garden, which is such a precious resource.?

The hour-long course is made up of four modules focusing on planning, constructing, establishing and maintaining gardens, grounds and landscapes in ways which use minimal water.

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