Watering wisdom from Hozelock

With summer on the horizon, homeowners throughout the UK are starting to make important decisions about what gardening products they invest in to help them achieve their dream outdoor space.

In a quest to educate the homeowner, Hozelock is launching a dedicated social media campaign called ‘Watering Wisdom’ which will provide top tips and advice on how to keep gardens hydrated whilst also reducing water usage.

Hozelock’s recommended products for wiser watering:

Micro Reel
The compact design of the new Hozelock Micro Reel, which includes 10m of hose and fittings, makes it the ideal choice for those with patios, balconies and small garden spaces. You can water at any length by walking out the exact amount of hose required, or wind it off the reel for greater flexibility.

Cloud Controller
Cloud Controller is perfect for gadget gardeners who want to have full control of their garden watering anytime, anywhere. The mobile app allows you to remotely set, pause and adjust watering schedules and also includes a local weather summary and push notifications about changes to weather patterns.

The innovative Aquasolo product offers a simple way to water both indoor and outdoor plants. Made up of a ceramic cone and plastic screw adaptor, the Aquasolo is simply added to the top of plastic water bottle so that over time plants can be gradually watered or fed.

Easy Drip
Watering borders, hedges and vegetables has been made effortless by the Easy Drip system from Hozelock, which delivers a simple solution to control, distribute and deliver water in the garden.

Growbag Waterer
The reusable Hozelock Growbag Waterer features a large capacity 15L water reservoir, perfect for ensuring your plants stay hydrated when you are away from your property, or if you want to reduce the amount of time you spend watering in the height of summer.

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