Weber? has Christmas all wrapped up

Barbecue experts Weber? have this Christmas all wrapped up with a range of accessories to suit all pockets.

The Weber? Christmas Gift Guide:

?Under ?5

Weber? 30cm Grill Brush ? Now keeping your barbecue clean is a breeze.? The heavy duty, steel bristled grate brush with a bamboo handle will ensure your barbecue is always in optimum condition.? RRP ?4.99

Under ?10

Weber? Firespice? Wood Chunks – indulge in the latest barbecue trend, wood smoking and add extra flavour and colour dimensions to your barbecue food. ?The chunks are available in five different flavours ? Pecan, Apple, Cherry, Hickory and Mesquite (5lb bag).? RRP ?9.99.

Under ?20

Weber? Barbecue Mitt ? this gauntlet style mitt protects the hand and forearm.? RRP ?13.99

Weber?s Complete Barbecue Smoking Book – shows you how and inspires you with recipes that range from the classics (Best-on-the-block Baby Back Ribs) to the ambitious (Smoked Duck and Cherry Sausages). And best of all, many of the recipes let you achieve a mouthwatering?smoky?flavour in a matter of minutes – not hours.? RRP ?16.99

The Weber? Chimney Starter – is the easiest way to light a charcoal barbecue.? With this must-have accessory, charcoal is lit quickly and evenly, meaning you?re ready to cook in just 20 minutes! ??It holds enough briquettes for up to a 57cm. kettle barbecue and is constructed from aluminised steel with stay-cool thermoplastic handles. RRP ?19.99

Under ?50

The Weber? Style? Poultry Roaster is great for cooking the perfect roast chicken.? Pour liquid into the central well and place the chicken firmly on top ? as it cooks the liquid steams to keep meat tender and moist. Place onions, carrots and other vegetables in the dish and make delicious garnishes.? This roaster is suitable for use on the larger charcoal and gas barbecues and can also be used to cook nachos or even chocolate brownies!? RRP ?34.99

The Weber? Style? Grilling Thermometer is designed to sit on the barbecue or smoker side table and is perfect for larger pieces of meat that require longer cooking times. The LCD screen has a handy backlight, while the integrated probe storage and folding stand built into back of thermometer make it compact and easy to use. Just wipe clean with damp cloth after use. RRP ?39.99

Under ?150

Weber? Original? Charcoal Pizza Oven ? create an authentic Italian stone-baked pizza on the barbecue!? Designed to fit on top of Weber 57cm charcoal kettle barbecues, this ground-breaking new accessory ensures you cook the perfect pizza time after time in just 4 minutes.? RRP ?149.99.

Under ?200

The Weber? Q? Series Rotisserie ? to maximise the potential of your barbecue try Weber?s new motorised rotisseries.? The constant rotating motion means even roasting is guaranteed.? Already renowned for its rotisseries for charcoal and larger gas models, Weber has introduced a range for all sizes of the Q? Series, as well as more specialised rotisseries accessories for kebabs, bread and even potato wedges.? The new Q? Series rotisseries come with a front shield, which lifts the lid of the barbecue to a height for easy spit roasting.

Q?1000 Series Rotisserie RRP ?129.99

Q?2000 Series Rotisserie RRP ?159.99

Q?3000 Series Rotisserie RRP ?179.99

Rotisserie Basket (for all rotisserie accessories apart from Q?1000 series) RRP ?49.99

Rotisserie Skewer System RRP ?49.99


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