Weber launches game-changing new grill

Weber has announced the launch of a SmokeFire wood fired pellet grill. Weber’s first pellet grill combines over 70 years’ expertise.

Launching early 2020, the grill will let people find out what’s possible with pellet grilling. The grill is capable of reaching high temperatures and perfect ‘Low n Slow’ conditions.
The SmokeFire boasts a range of features that will revolutionise the pellet market. It’s unique auger and hopper system features a short gravity-fed path to the heat source that speeds up pre-heat time. It will also help to reduce pellet jams. The easy-clean ash and grease drawer eliminates the need for a messy grease bucket.
The new pellet grill has a five-year warranty and signature porcelain enamel build.
The SmokeFire grill also introduces ground-breaking Weber Connect app-enabled smart grilling. It’s a guided-grilling technology which is integrated into the SmokeFire grill. It assists users in getting amazing food every time they grill.
Weber Connect offers step-by-step guidance on everything from setup and meal-prep, to smart tips and custom food alerts. It provides an “ETA” on when food is done based on food temperature readings.

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