Weedkiller packaging revolution from Bayer Garden

Following extensive consumer research, Bayer Garden has radically changed its weedkiller portfolio, including product names, packaging and point of sale support.? The new packaging highlights the key product benefits shoppers need to be able to make the right purchase decision and be confident in doing so.

?We understand that shoppers want to be able to get all the information they need at a glance and then they want ease of use and flexibility in the garden,? explained Bayer Garden Product Manager, Alison Mulvaney.? ?Our new weedkiller packaging designs do exactly that.? This is good news for retailers; shoppers leave confident they are buying the right product for the job and their positive perception is reinforced when they come to use the product in the garden, all of which increases the likelihood of their returning to the store.?

The packaging has been designed to highlight the information gained from research on most important benefits to shoppers.? Clear stamps on the front of each product signpost the primary message.? For example, on Garden Ultrafast Weedkiller the stamp states effects can be seen in one hour, the stamp on Path Weedkiller says it keeps the area clear for up to six months and the stamp on Garden Super Strength Weedkiller explains the product kills weeds and roots.

The new three litre packs of ready-to-use Path Weedkiller, Garden Rootkill Weedkiller and Moss Killer have a built-in 1m hose with a trigger spray, which means gardeners don?t have to hold the bottle when applying the weedkiller.? The trigger sprays fit flush into the pack, so the products can be easily placed and displayed on the shelf.

Most of the concentrated weedkillers are now available in Bayer Garden?s unique Simple Soluble Sachets or its patented touch-free Easy-Dose bottle.? Both make it simple to get the dose right and almost completely eliminate the risk of the gardener coming into contact with the chemical.


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