A well timed boost to produce beautiful roses: Toprose Gold ? the Gold Standard in rose food

Gardeners can give their roses a boost next season with the Gold Standard in rose food ? Bayer Garden?s new rose care product, Toprose Gold.

Toprose Gold has added seaweed extract, it is balanced with the essential plant nutrients and bio-stimulant in one product which gives plants the Activator Effect, unleashing their natural potential to take in all the nutrients they need.

Alison Mulvaney, Product Manager at Bayer Garden said: ?Roses are one of the most popular garden plants; we?re drawn to their beautiful colours and scents, and can spend hours nurturing and caring for the plants.? The introduction of Toprose Gold means we now have a feed that will effectively magnify our efforts and help us to grow big bright, healthy plants.?

Toprose Gold is a boosted granular plant food for top class results.? Its use increases root development and encourages efficient nutrient absorption for bigger, brighter and healthier plants*.? The use of Toprose Gold also helps new rose bushes and shrubs to better survive transplanting.? It simply needs to be scattered on the soil surface and then watered in.

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