Welland Vale Garden Inspirations sets up coronavirus plans

People are snapping up plants and seeds from Welland Vale Garden Inspirations as coronavirus hits.

Although there has been a ‘drop off’ in the number of customers, owner Annie Burns said people were still buying items.
“It’s something that has been coming for a week or so,” she said.
“There’s been a drop-off in the number of customers in our café and in the garden centre too.
“People are still buying plants and seeds. If they do need to self-isolate, then they have a project to work on.”
The garden centre is offering free delivery within a 25-mile radius to anyone who is self-isolating.
Annie, who owns the Welland Vale Garden Inspirations centre with her partner Charlie Thomas, added: “As people are self-isolating, it’s important to help them.
“As the weather improves, people will want to start work on their gardens. We’re fully stocked for the upcoming harvest.
“We are doing all we can to support our customers and staff during this time.”
She did warn though that if a total lockdown was enforced, it would ‘crash a lot of businesses’.

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