Westland bouyed by BTO report findings

The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) has released reports which show there are now more birds in UK gardens than there were 40 years ago.

The report from the BTO attributes this increase to “Britain’s growing love affair with feeding the birds”. Thisis something which Westland, a supplier to the wild bird sector, is boosted by.
Rachael Dickinson, senior marketing manager commented: “We have invested in this market. We want to raise awareness of the sector and to encourage people to feed birds.
“Our aim is to help birds and to increase populations, so it’s great to see that this is having such a positive impact.
“Our products are always developed with birds’ best interests in mind. It’s fantastic to see in the BTO findings that the population increases is linked to the feeding of Nyjer Seed and Sunflower Hearts. These products that have become popular over the last 20 years.”
The findings also highlight the variety of ingredients is key to boosting populations. It’s also delivering more variety of species, a key element in developing our recipes.
The success of one brand from Westland demonstrates this growth in the market. Peckish has seen a 45% brand growth year-on-year.
Earlier this week, Westland formed a new partnership with the BTO to help boost education around birds and wild bird care. This will be supported by a series of events and activities taking place throughout the year.

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