Westland establish Consistency Assurance for its compost range

LEADING compost manufacturer, Westland Horticulture is to establish a Consistency Assurance for its compost range.

The move ? which will set Westland composts firmly ahead of competitors – comes after the latest stage of its successful West+ development went into full stage production from November 2013, ready for the gardening season ahead.

The West+ additive, first introduced in 2007, is now in its 5th generation. The unique West+ fibres have been improved to deliver an even finer grade, which when combined with peat ensure even better root development, water management, nutrient access and greater flexibility of use. West+ remains the UK leading compost growing additive and is now the only one which will boast a Consistency Assurance from bag to bag.

David Coop, Head of Technical Development for Westland Horticulture said: ?We can offer this consistency message due to our raw material inputs. Our exacting standards mean we do not and will not use green waste in any of our growing media due to several performance factors. These include possible contamination risks from household waste, and much publicised weed killer damage from contaminated green waste and also inconsistent performance from bag to bag and region to region.

?Westland prides itself as being the gardeners? champion and will continue to deliver the best performing compost both peat based and peat free. The further development of West+ highlights this.?

?In 2013 more garden centre consumers bought Westland composts, than any other brand. In 2014 this looks set to continue, reaffirming the increasing demand from the consumer for consistent performance.?


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