Westland: A slug control product for every gardener

When it comes to slug control, Westland has it sorted, with products for every type of gardener through its Growing Success and Eraza brands.

Growing Success is pitched perfectly to consumers who want to work in harmony with the nature in their garden. Its range of organic control solutions include the UK No1 branded organic slug killer Growing Success Slug Killer which contains naturally occurring ferric phosphate to combat slugs organically. It remains effective after exposure to rain, watering and sunlight and crops can be consumed shortly after application. Also available in the Growing Success range are Slug Stop Granules (now with a built-in applicator), Slug Copper Barrier and Slug Traps.

Eraza Slug & Snail Killer, the UK?s No.1 slug killer is a fast acting pelleted bait that is 5 times more effective than standard slug pellets, but uses 50% less of the active ingredient ? metaldehyde. This is because it contains a higher number of small particles, making it easier for slugs and snails to consume. It?s showerproof and features a special safety cap allowing for perfect dosing and storage safety.

Daniela Constantine, brand manager said: ?When it comes to slug control, we?ve got everything consumers want. From alternative organic solutions to tough, fast-acting control, you don?t need to go anywhere else to profit from your slug control offering in this spring.?

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