Westland’s compost quality assurance reassures consumers

Westland Horticulture has introduced its own compost consistency assurance mark to reassure?consumers of the quality of its products.

Speaking of the initiative Westland Brand Manager Jayne Hall said: ?Like fine wine, consumers require the right conditions in their garden to achieve perfection. Our research has shown that gardeners are savvy enough to realise this, and don?t want to skimp on this vital gardening product.

?Retailers can be reassured that Westland compost will give consumers consistently good results.?Don?t put your store?s reputation in jeopardy by settling for second best.?

Westland has been producing the material for 25 years, and owns its entire supply chain – beginning with peat bogs situated in Ireland.

Throughout 2014, the company conducted a series of UK focus groups, asking gardeners about consumption of black gold.



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