Whartons Nurseries partners with Joy of Plants for webshop image library

One of the UK’s largest grower of roses has this month partnered with a plant information company to offer its customers a library of images for webshops and websites.

Whartons Nurseries has recently been looking at ways to help garden centres create their webshops and websites and has now joined forces with Joy of Plants based in Berkshire.

Jo Davey, marketing manager at Whartons Nurseries in Diss, Norfolk, said: “We’re always happy to supply customers with images and descriptions to help them sell more roses in store and more recently, online. Doing this in a way that’s efficient for our customers and ourselves while ensuring the copyright of our images and those from our breeders was the challenge.

“By working with Joy of Plants and giving it access to our images and content, we are providing our customers with an image library they can all use for webshops and websites. 

“Our customers can now add images for our full 2021 range to their webshops and websites by using Joy of Plants’ services. The system allows garden centres to add images and descriptions for our roses to their webshops via a simple file upload and add a Plant Finder containing our roses via a plugin, vastly reducing the amount of time it takes to add images to webshops, and at the same time ensuring that the correct images are used and that the copyright of each image is respected.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Joy of Plants on its Image & Text Library and Plant Finder services. These services give our customers a quick and easy way to add our roses to their webshops and websites, all customised to match our customers’ own branding.”

Joy of Plants’ mission is to make plant information easy and accessible to all. It has created a library of more than 14,900 UK garden plants and trees and offers a platform of tools to help garden centres, retailers and growers maximise their plant sales. It provides information in many forms including an Image & Text Library for ecommerce sites, Plant Finder for websites and touchscreen kiosks, bed cards and apps.

Terri Jones, managing director at Joy of Plants in Twyford, explained: “We’re thrilled to be working with Whartons Nurseries to offer our plant information services to their customers. Our Image & Text Library makes it quick and easy to add high quality images of their roses to webshops based on WooCommerce, Shopify, or Bluepark, and our Plant Finder can be added to almost any website.”

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